It'd be neat to see some of those again, especially the weed plants. I remember having one of them a good eight or nine years ago, and I can't seem to find anything about them anywhere. A friend of mine used to have one on the account "satan666" before the deletion in 2013, but it appears to have been deleted. Oh, also! I have a cigarette on my main account, but I can't find anyone else who still has one apart from myself. Since my original main account called "Tosser" got banned, I only have one account that still has this dubious item left over from older times. You wouldn't happen to know of anyone else who has one would you? Would be neato to shoot them a friend request. Thanks! /Quack"

I've created this composite shot of various alcoholic beverages, as well as a WeeMee with a cigarette.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to locate WeeMees that have these items, as WeeWorld seems to have made a significant effort to hide their existence.