Earlier this week I put in a request to have 2 of my accounts deleted since I quit WeeWorld and barely got on anymore. 1 A Vip acc. and the other a non-vip acc. They sent me 2 varifications of deletion for my Vip account and only 1 for the non-vip. Then yesterday they FINALLY sent me to that email that saying they deleted everything, I double checked by going to my old usernames & the non-vip one was deleted but the vip one is still up there! They never deleted it! Wtf?! Do they just not delete Vip accounts then? All they did was disconnect my email from the account, which means I can't log into it or recover my password by email. It's basically still active. People have been messaging me on it & everything! I still want it deleted, any advice Squidy?"

WeeWorld does close VIP accounts (they have proven to do so in the past); this was likely an error on their part. If they don't get around to actually closing the account any time soon, you will have to contact them at crm@weeworld.com and explain the situation to them so that they may rectify it.