No, the method described here is the only way to perform the Topless Glitch. We can try to clear it up for you, though:

How to: Perform The Topless Glitch

1.) You must be using Opera 12 for this to work (it is required to modify source code). Sign into your WeeWorld account, and go to the Shop.

2.) Save your WeeMee as a female, and refresh the page. The Shop will load again, and your WeeMee will be a female.

2.) Next, you can either press Ctrl+U, or right-click, and click "Source". This will display the source code of the Shop webpage.

3.) Copy all of the source code, by highlighting it all and right-clicking, and then clicking "Copy". You can speed up the process by pressing Ctrl+A (which highlights everything) and Ctrl+C to copy it.

4.) Now go back to the Shop, and save your WeeMee as a male. After it is done saving, refresh the page.

5.) After the page is done refreshing, press Ctrl+U to view the source code again. Highlight all of it (Ctrl+A) and erase it (Del or Backspace). Then paste in the source code you copied earlier (Ctrl+V).

6.) After you've pasted in the source code, click "Apply changes". The Shop will now reload.

7.) You will now be able to select breast sizes without a bra being placed over them (because your WeeMee is a male, but the Shop thinks it's a female).