Anyways who are they? & What do they want? Why do they always come to weeworld & harass girls?"

Image included: [LINK]

The Tyrones are WeeMees that  have a dark complexion and do not wear anything other than boxer shorts, though some Tyrones are known to have various accessories (shutter shades, banana, etc). Tyrones are most often found in the Gym, and use obscene, stereotypical language. They travel in packs-- one never sees a single Tyrone.

The origin of the Tyrones is not entirely certain, but they are believed to have originated from this post on FunnyJunk titled "weeworld raid.": [LINK]

The poster requests that people join WeeWorld, name themselves Tyrone, and go to the Gym. The Tyrone identity has grown since then, and it is now a household name among WeeWorld users.