He/she appears at party rooms (I read it in messages) and it sounds really creepy. Plus, WW deleted all of those old accounts we used to call WeeBots. What's that all about? Why didn't they delete him/her?"

The answers to these questions, unfortunately, cannot be known for certain. However, I can try to speculate. The following is what I believe regarding the issue, and not necessarily fact.

As we know, WeeWorld deletes old, inactive accounts, but even though MileyAmerica was created in 2005 and isn't active, the account remains. There are a few possible reasons for this. First of all, how could an account be created with an ID of 0? Perhaps, in the past, whenever a new account was created, the IDs were not increased incrementally, but new WeeMees were assigned the first vacant ID. Later on, WeeWorld changed the system so that even if previous IDs were vacant, WeeMees would still be given a newer ID. WeeWorld has only started deleting inactive accounts in the past few years, and prior to that, you could easily find accounts from as long ago as 1999. But this raises the question: Why wasn't MileyAmerica deleted despite having been created in 2005?

From a programming perspective, often when an array is created, it needs to be initialized to prevent errors later on. This means it needs to hold at least one value, and this value needs to be held at the beginning of the array. WeeMee IDs could possibly be held in a dynamic array, which means they may need data to be held in the first vacant index (0) of the array.

For whatever reason, inactive accounts, or "WeeBots" as many people call them, appear in Party Rooms from time to time. This is likely the result of some glitch that has yet to be fixed. Since many numeric variables are initialized as 0, it could have something to do with the account's ID being 0, and that variable not adjusting correctly due to some error.

This is my theory behind the account. Feel free to share your ideas below!