When WeeWorld disables an account, the user's page is then displayed as "unavailable". The user is also unable to access their account, however the account itself still exists. This can be proven by using their WeeMee ID to view their profile, as well as various images of their WeeMee, and you can even access their closet with some clever tricks.

When WeeWorld deletes an account, none of this is possible. The user does not show as "unavailable", but WeeWorld says the username does not exist. Other people can use the old username of the deleted account, but they cannot use the username of a disabled account. WeeWorld rarely deletes accounts, but have been known to periodically free up space taken by accounts that were created and immediately abandoned.

Once an account is deleted, it cannot be recovered. It is possible for WeeWorld to restore access to a disabled account, and they have done so in the past, but it is very unlikely.