Squidy clooset swap does not work anymore or what do you know how hard it was to download it from cleanfiles and it started downloading i pressed the download button and nothing happened. This is unbelievable. Your just taking our money and the downloadinfg file doesnt work anymore. It so hard to download it and now it doesnt even work."

We have verified that Closet Swap is still functioning as it should. If you are having problems using the Gadget, check out the Help guide included in the Gadget. If you have any questions regarding the process, feel free to send them to us!

If you are having trouble downloading files from Cleanfiles, see the following answer: [LINK] Many of our users have verified that Cleanfiles is working for them-- make sure you use valid information and complete the survey/offer in its entirely.

Please note that we are paid by Cleanfiles, so they money comes from them, not you. Additionally, we are not paid if you are unable to successfully download the file.

If troubles persist, feel free to contact Cleanfiles' support here. Please note that WeeWorld Answers is not affiliated with Cleanfiles, so we are unable to solve any problems you may be having directly.