I put in a complaint about something to them and they literally IGNORED me! So almost a week later I sent the same complaint in and then I got an email back and they basically didn't want to help me with my problem at all and made it clear that they didn't care! WeeWorld use to be so much fun, now it's complete *****! They don't care about the users anymore all they want is to push the VIP plan and bring in their stupid new ideas which doesn't benefit anyone & keep upgrading the language filter until we won't be able to say anything besides "Hi" to people. I've been on WeeWorld since 2011, & I'm on the verge of quitting this week. Squidy what's your take on all this?"

WeeWorld has changed in recent years to appeal to younger a demographic. WeeWorld is now available to users of all ages, which is why they have made the chat filter much more strict.

It is important to remember that WeeWorld is business, and their main goal is to profit. They know that they may lose users by trying to force VIP upon them and heavily restricting what can be said, but they also know that parents will be more likely to support their child's use of the website and as a result put more money into it.

I joined WeeWorld in 2010, and quit in 2013. I believe you're right; it's certainly not what it used to be.