This is ***** btw! I'm undercover on a noob account that I just made for fun, and a lot of people that I talked to were being rude and when I actually defended myself they always made a comment about how I was some "small child" or a "little kid" when I'm pretty sure that I'm probably older them. So why do people assume that every noob is a little kid?"

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I believe they assume that newer users are younger simply because they wish to perceive themselves as superior. Although, there may be more basis to such an assumption. When one considers someone who is a "veteran", we imagine someone old, hardened, and experienced. Therefore, when we think of the opposite, a "noob", we imagine someone young and inexperienced.

As well, WeeWorld has changed in the past two years to appeal to a younger demographic, when it used to primarily target teens. Because of this, it may be reasonable to assume that new users are likely younger children drawn to the new "kid-friendly" website.