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"Sorry that I keep asking questions... But how did you get the download to work? I have tried everything and it will NOT work."

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Friday, April 26, 2013, In : Gadgets 
I did exactly what I presume you're trying to do: I completed the surveys. It took a few tries to manage to complete one successfully, but it eventually worked and gave me the file.

For the record, if your question is something unspecific to WeeWorld such as this, send us an email at
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"Did the download for the activation code work for you? It will not download for me."

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Thursday, April 25, 2013, In : Gadgets 
I did manage to download it successfully after a few tries, though I too did have difficulties with it.

I apologize that I cannot provide it to you, due to agreements with WeeWorld. Furthermore, I no longer have the file nor the code in my possession.
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"Is the download for the fgv in forums legit or a scam?"

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Thursday, April 25, 2013, In : WeeWorld Answers 
I was curious of this myself, so I checked.

It is legit, the activation code works, and the program functions as it always did. Please note that this does not at all mean WeeWorld Answers condones or supports the use of this tool.
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"What is the new way to get an activation code?"

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Saturday, April 20, 2013, In : Gadgets 
WeeWorld Answers no longer provides activation codes for FGV Tool Beta 3 or FGV Tool: Finals.

However, there is someone posting about them in our forums: [LINK]

We are not affiliated with them, but feel free to check it out.
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"I want to know how do I get my icon from Weeworld extractor to an image?"

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Tuesday, April 16, 2013, In : Gadgets 
Because of changes WeeWorld has made, WeeMee Extractor 3 no longer obtains the correct image when attempting to load your WeeMee's icon. There is another way to download your WeeMee's icon:

Copy and paste the following URL into your browser's address bar:

See those red zeros? All you need to do is replace those zeros with your WeeMee ID and hit the enter key. If you don't know your account's ID, there are many ways you can get...
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"I Did Not Get My Vip"

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Sunday, April 14, 2013, In : VIP 
I apologize for this inconvenience, however that is all that I can do. You will need to contact WeeWorld about this at They usually respond to these kind of problems more quickly than others, but may take 3-7 days to get back to you. Make sure you include your username, among other details.

Many WeeMees have issues purchasing VIP, so you are not alone.
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"I think I've found the one doing all of this recent hacking, 2 accounts that have just been hacked are rawriitzmeviolet and halofreak999, ...

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Friday, April 12, 2013, In : WeeMees 
... I visited ajay1234567890 to see this, violets account. And he is selling many other accounts. Could he be the one doing all of this hacking?"
I've visited his page and I can verify this screenshot is real.
It is possible that he is a/the "hacker". Feel free to discuss this issue in the comments (click the title of this post to access the comments).

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"Does the Fg beta tool still work?"

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Friday, April 12, 2013, In : Gadgets 
Yes, if you can get ahold of it. Due to complaints from WeeWorld, we've had to get rid of all download links on WeeWorld Answers and stop providing activation codes. If you do manage to download and activate it, it will still work, however if you get reported for using it (like if you brag about it) or WeeWorld notices you getting a suspicious amount of votes in a short period of time, they can lower scores back to a reasonable level.
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"hi how can i get alot of worlds like there use to be i know a way but that way is to say im a teen over 13 and im not im a kid please make weeworld a better place."

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Thursday, April 11, 2013, In : World 
Unfortunately, WeeWorld has these restrictions due to COPPA, or the Children's Online Privacy Protection act, as it's called. This act prevents WeeWorld from using your information to provide targeted ads, among other things, until you reach the age of 13.

As you know, the only way to access these additional Worlds legitimately is to wait until you're 13, or make your age higher when signing up for an account (it cannot be changed later on). Our old Gadget, World Explorer, may help you reach o...
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