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"Hi, ***** here. well i was just wondering since WeeWorld took out the famegame button on our page is there anyway we could still vote for ourselves/other people in particular? thanks!"

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Thursday, May 30, 2013,
First, you'll need your/their WeeMee Number/ID. There are many ways to get it. You can try our Number Retriever Gadget, or check out this tutorial.

Once you've got your/their ID, replace the red zero in this URL with the ID:

For example:

This is the voting URL for that WeeMee!

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"the weeworld closet swap is not letting me save items even if i try one at a time, i have enough points and it just says error"

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Thursday, May 30, 2013, In : Gadgets 
I just tested it myself, and it worked. Make sure all the information you entered is correct, and you replaced the source code correctly.

If you successfully viewed their closet but cannot save items without an error, this means you do not have enough points to purchase that item. Are you sure you had enough points of right kind (gold, etc)? Sometimes, certain exclusive items will show an error when you try to save, as well.

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"Do you think you will ever make a vip toolbar?"

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Monday, May 27, 2013,
I'm not sure if you meant to ask us or WeeWorld themselves, but WeeWorld Answers currently has no plans to make a VIP toolbar. It is unlikely that WeeWorld has any plans to do so, either. Their current toolbar fulfills most if not all toolbar-related needs.

If you would like to suggest any ideas to WeeWorld, you can do so here, or you may contact them at Note that they may take 3-7 to reply.

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"can you please give me free VIP and gold?PLEASE!!"

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Monday, May 20, 2013, In : Items/Points/Shop 
I cannot, and I'm sorry to tell you that! If I could provide you with free things, I definitely would.

There are some things you can do to get these things on your own, however:

Free Gold:
 You can get free Gold points by doing surveys, offers, and watching videos on WeeWorld. Depending on your region, different offers will be available. You can find more information here: How to: Get Points Easily

Free VIP: The only way to get free VIP is by winning a VIP Guest Pass in Jobs. For more information...

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"How do u use the closet swap? :O"

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Wednesday, May 15, 2013, In : Gadgets 
First, extract it from the .RAR or .ZIP archive that you downloaded it in, and then run Closet Swap. It'll take a moment to open.
1.) Sign into your account using the Gadget.

2.) Enter the info of the WeeMee you want to see the closet of. You'll need to enter their Username and WeeMee ID. If you don't know what their WeeMee ID is, just enter their Username and click 'OK'. The Gadget will get their WeeMee ID for you. 

3.) Finally, it will present you with modified Shop source code. You will need...

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"What do you do if you get hacked?"

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Saturday, May 11, 2013,
We have a tutorial that might help you: How to: Get Your Hacked Account Back
You might also want to see: How to: Hack-Proof Your Account

If you need more help, feel free to ask more questions!
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"Does weeworld IP block people? How long do they last if they do?"

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Thursday, May 9, 2013,
To date, there have been no occurances of WeeWorld blocking an IP from acessing their website. Jake (WeeWorldAmbassador) has commented on the matter, claiming that an IP-blocking system would be too difficult for WeeWorld to implement at this time.

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