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"Do you have the usernames of any Weebots,alot of people are talking a about them and idk what they are"

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Friday, July 25, 2014, In : Lore & Legend 
The term 'WeeBot' is used to describe any account that was created and then immediately abandoned. They were originally assumed to be bots created by WeeWorld since they can occasionally appear in Party Rooms due to a glitch.

An example of one of these accounts is soccer. They usually have very basic usernames.
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"Who is this MileyAmerica people are telling me about I have only been on weeworld for 6 months so i have never experienced forums or weebots or anything"

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Thursday, July 10, 2014, In : Lore & Legend 
MileyAmerica is an account with a WeeMee ID of 0 that has existed since 2005. The account is interesting because it has a lower ID than the first WeeWorld account, Mikey, with an ID of 1, and was created at a later date than this account despite having an earlier ID. The account has also been known to switch between being available and unavailable. It does not seem to be in use.

"WeeBots" are accounts that were created and then immediately abandoned. WeeWorld removes them periodically to free ...
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"MileyAmerica is a WeeMee with the ID of 0, even though he/she joined in 2005.

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Sunday, April 27, 2014, In : Lore & Legend 
He/she appears at party rooms (I read it in messages) and it sounds really creepy. Plus, WW deleted all of those old accounts we used to call WeeBots. What's that all about? Why didn't they delete him/her?"

The answers to these questions, unfortunately, cannot be known for certain. However, I can try to speculate. The following is what I believe regarding the issue, and not necessarily fact.

As we know, WeeWorld deletes old, inactive accounts, but even though MileyAmerica was created in 2005 an...
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"Lol Squidy The Tyrones came back to WeeWorld last night and were in the gym, I ran into them.

Posted by ExplosiveSquid on Thursday, February 27, 2014, In : Lore & Legend 
Anyways who are they? & What do they want? Why do they always come to weeworld & harass girls?"

Image included: [LINK]

The Tyrones are WeeMees that  have a dark complexion and do not wear anything other than boxer shorts, though some Tyrones are known to have various accessories (shutter shades, banana, etc). Tyrones are most often found in the Gym, and use obscene, stereotypical language. They travel in packs-- one never sees a single Tyrone.

The origin of the Tyrones is not entirely certain, b...
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