We're sorry to say that we're no longer accepting applications! Due to complications with the website, the WWA team has disbanded.

As a part of the team, you can send in articles-- For the News, Tutorials, etc. You may also send it ideas for edits, and add-ons to existing articles and tutorials. You may also program your own Gadgets and submit them, where they will be reviewed and potentially posted onto the site.

As you become a more trusted and valued member of the team, you may be allowed access to other parts of WWA, such as the email inbox, Twitter profile, Facebook page, and for very special members, the actual WWA website itself.

When you apply, we'll most likely ask you to send in an example of your work, so it might be good to have one ready when we respond to you. Make sure your example article is good enough to post! We'll email you the general guidelines when you apply. If you're submitting a tutorial, try to make it about a topic we don't already have covered.

For more information, and sending your submissions, you may contact


Terms: All articles, Gadgets, and other submissions become property of WeeWorld Answers (Every team member has the right to post it, with credit), as well as that of the one who submitted it. Articles will not be posted if they do not meet our quality standards (email for more information). You must meet our activity quota (one submission at least every two weeks). You may request for articles you have submitted to be removed, but the final decision will be done by a website Admin. You can be removed from the team at any time, whether it be for abuse or inactivity. Not all team members will be promoted. You will be added to a mailing list, and other team members may see your email address. We will send you occasional updates and requests.