Opera has recently updated their browser to Opera 15, which no longer has the ability to modify source code. Because of this, if you need to use Opera for our Gadgets, you will need to download version 12.15. It can be downloaded here. If you're a Chrome user, you can get the Page Edit extenstion instead.

These aren't all the Gadgets! Check the Articles page for new, small, and unofficial Gadgets! Note you will need Microsoft .NET Framework version 4 or above to run these programs. Most computers have it by default, but if you encounter an error when trying to run one of our Gadgets, download it here.


    WWAFBD5 is an amazing improvement over previous versions, and offers many features that NO other border designers do! These features include Headers, Footers, and various types of shadows! You do not need any HTML knowledge to use this software, and it's our easiest version yet. Now you too can have stylish forum posts!


Closet Swap, our most popular Gadget, allows you to "swap" Closets with another WeeMee.  Simply enter the WeeMee's username and follow the steps, and you will be able to access a copy of that WeeMee's Closet and take items as if they were your own. The other WeeMee does NOT lose these items, and the change is not permanent.

Notice: This Gadget is for research purposes only. We do not condone using the Gadget to get free items, and by downloading and using this Gadget, you admit responsibility for your actions. WeeWorld Answers will not be held liable for your use of this Gadget.


 Party Spy allows you to change the appearance and username of your WeeMee in party rooms, and also lets you turn invisible! Use it to spy on your friends or crushes!

Click here for more information!


   The WeeMee Extractor allows you to get limited access to closed accounts, and accounts set to "Friends Only". It allows you to view the WeeMee and buy their items. It's useful if your account has been closed, and you need to bring your items over to your new account!


     Forum Watcher alerts you when someone replies to one of your forum posts. When someone replies, a bubble will show up in the system tray, which you can click to go view the new reply.


      Number Retriever is a tiny Gadget that gets the WeeMee ID/number of any WeeMee account, whether it be normal, closed, or blocked from your viewing. The number can then be used in the WeeMee Extractor.


Mass Friend Adder allows you to send friend requests to large amounts of WeeMees very quickly! Simply enter one WeeMee ID, enter another, it it will send friend requests to all WeeMees between the two points.


Mass Message Sender allows you to send messages to WeeMees very quickly. It can be used to send many messages to a single WeeMee, messages to a range/random WeeMees, and to a list of WeeMees. It works at an average speed of 100 messages a second! Ideal for Fame Game messages and newsletters.

Notice: WeeWorld recently rolled out a new update that renders both versions of MMS unusable. Attempting to use either program now results in the messages being sent to your own page rather than to the IDs you have entered. We'll work on a fix sometime in the future. Please note the rest of MMS's features still work, should you want to use them (sending friend requests, deleting spam, finding IDs, etc.).


Desktop WeeMee is an application that lets you hang out with your animated WeeMee on your computer desktop! It tells you when you have a new message on your page, and reads them to you (which can be turned on and off)! It's great if you want to have your WeeMee sitting around with you even when you're not on WeeWorld, and if you want to know when you have a new message when you're not on your homepage! You can also use multiple WeeMees, and create a scene on your computer screen if you want to! All you need to do is enter your username, and it will get your WeeMee ID. 


 What do you do when someone spams you with hundreds of messages? You can delete all of your messages, but what if there are some you want to keep? Spam Cleaner will go through your messages and delete the spam that you define while preserving the messages you want to keep!

Currently only in PRO, but for survey-free alternatives, you can try WW Message Cleaner and Party Invite Remover.