A WeeMee named arbiterofheritics had this to say in the forums today (Nov. 28, 2011 [16:41 ET]{openyou eyes my brothers and sisters}):

 "Our prophets {ambassadors} are false. open your eyes my brothers, they would use the faith of our four fathers to bring ruin to us all !!!!!!!!!! the "Great Weeworld Journey" but it is all a lie. these heritics {ambassadors} and all who follow them must be sileced!!!! when we joined weeworld we all took an oath (whether we we knew it or not) 'according to our sation...... all without acception, on the pixels of our forefathers and on the pixels of our sons (if you have one on weeworld) we swore to up hold the covanant. even to our weemee's deletion'. all who break this oath are heritics and are worthy of neither pity or mercy!!!!!!! we shall grind them into dust. and continue our march to glorious prosperity. allthough that globe may suit the false prophets{ambassadors} it will never hide the mark of their 'not so angelic past". but a storm will come that neither the false prophets or their followers can withstand. we are all blind to the ambassadors misdoings but i can make you all see,and then their camofauge will not last forever"

Put simply, the Ambassador's "Great WeeWorld Journey" is nothing but a lie. What this means is uncertain, but it doesn't sound very good. We can't allow the Ambassadors to take hold.

He claims that only he can make the great journey a reality. In order to stop the Ambassadors from taking over, we must team up with UNSC forces.

Soon, he will be selecting a WeeMee to be his "Pighead Apprentice". Volunteers are added to a list, which he shall pick one from. If you're interested, go apply on his page!