AsnLoserFTW recently won the Fame Game for the 6th time, resulting in many upset participants accusing her of not playing fairly. Many are curious as to how she achieves so many votes in such a short time, and often accuse her of using unethical methods such as "glitches" and voting links. Having a massive friends list, it is possible that the WeeMee just has a large amount of supporters. Criticisms have been made, saying she does not return the same courtesy to her supporters that they do for her. WeeMees have varying opinions regarding the situation, many of which are upset with her success.

"She keeps hacking herself to win the fame game. WTF? SHES WON ALREADY 6 TIMES, AND SHE HAD LIKE 80,000 VOTES ALREADY. HOLY ***** ***** its ridiculous bull*****" - swag260

"I don't see the big deal. If she wants to win the Fame Game and knows she can, so what?" - awNicole

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