Most of us have seen the many websites or surveys that offer "free WeeWorld points" or "free WeeWorld VIP". In truth, they are all fake. There are many ways to tell:

1.) Only WeeWorld can give you points or VIP status. No other websites can do that for you. If the website is not part of WeeWorld, it's not official, and couldn't give you any points. Make sure to ALWAYS check the URL. It should be "". If you see "yolasite", "webs", or something like that in the URL, it's not official or part of WeeWorld.

2.) If you're asked for your password, they're trying to steal your account. WeeWorld will never ask for your password. If you enter your sign-in information, you account will most likely be "hacked".

3.) Some websites may claim to have a "hack" or "glitch" that will get you the points for free. This is fake, and there are currently no working "hacks" or "glitches".

That's all for now, and I hope this helped save some accounts.