After a long break from doing evaluations, I decided to kick off the new season of evals with Sugarpie4568, a WeeMee who has been an Ambassador for a very long time.
Here is her evaluation: [LINK]

If you're having trouble reading the messages, here is a script of how the evaluation happened:

Me (KT): "hello my name is (censored)
I have not been on this website for ages and I need some help with new features.
can you explain this vip thing to me?"

Sugarpie4568 (SP): "VIP is something that you pay for thatlets you buy
exclusive items and enter in exclusive VIP areas in the Chat World.
you'd also get 5,000 points.

KT: do I need to pay for it?

SG: if you'd like to be a VIP, you'd have to pay.

KT: How much do I have to pay?
How do I buy it?

SG: (No reply)

POSITIVES -- She answered the questions I asked her partially.

NEGATIVES -- She didn't completely answer my questions.  She answered them with the very least that she needed.  My biggest criticism is that after keeping someone waiting for about 3 days, she just deleted the message.  


• Give your opinions of Sugarpie4568's evaluation in the comments.  
• Disagree with anything, including the grade?  Let me know in the comments.
• Suggest an Ambassador you want me to evaluate via email or comment!

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