This article will explain how to add friends to your room.

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By: ImplosiveSquid

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 <a href="">How to Add Friends To Your Room</a>   

1) First, begin editing your room. To do this, hover over WeeMee, and click "My room". In the bottom-right corner, you will see a green button labeled "Edit Room". Click it.

If you have not previously edited your room, you will have to go through the initial setup. After that, continue following these instructions.

2) Scroll down, and you will see a box with items you can add to your room. Click "Interactive" on the left side of it. New items will load. You will see three WeeMee-shaped bubbles, each one has a slightly different look. Click the one you want, and it will be added into your room.

3) Once the item is in your room, click it. A small menu will appear; click "Add Friend". You may now select a WeeMee from your Friends list to add to your room. Select an appropriate title, and click "Add to room". Finally, click "Save Room".

You're done!

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