This article will explain how to contact WeeWorld for various reasons.

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By: ImplosiveSquid

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1) How To Report A WeeMee To WeeWorld

If you want to report a WeeMee to WeeWorld, there is a form you can use, here. Simply fill out the appropriate spaces, and click "Submit". Remember, false reports may put your account at risk. For More information, read How To Report A WeeMee.

2) How To Suggest An Idea Or Feature

If you think up something really awesome that you want to add to WeeWorld, you can suggest it to them here. You can also tell them what you don't like, and maybe include a way to fix or change it. If you signed up with a valid email address, sometimes they will reply to you.

3) How To Tell WeeWorld Anything You Want

If you need to tell WeeWorld something that doesn't fit into any of these categories, you can email them at, or contact them with this form. You can report a WeeMee and send ideas like this, too. You may also request to have a Playlist on your page, from, but you must pay money for it.

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