This article will explain how to close your WeeWorld account. Remember, once your account is closed, WeeWorld will not open it again. Access to the account is denied, but the account still exists on WeeWorld's servers.

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By: Tyler3021, manda1019ImplosiveSquid

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 <a href="">How to Delete Your Account</a>  

1) To close your WeeWorld account, hover over 'Account Help'. In the drop-down menu, there will be three options. Click 'Help Center'. Once you are there, click 'Send Your Ideas'.

2) When the page has loaded, you will see an input box, underneath 'Contact us'. Information entered here will be sent to WeeWorld. 

Tell them you would like your account closed, and provide a few reasons if you wish. When that's complete, click 'Submit'. 

3) 1-3 days later, you will get an email confirming your request to close your account (you must have a verified email address). When you respond to the email, confirming the request, your account will be closed within 1-3 days.

Remember, closed accounts will not be reinstated (WeeWorld can reinstate them if given a good enough reason, but they have not done so for any WeeMee yet. Also, closed accounts still exist on WeeWorld's servers, along with all their sent and received messages. No WeeMee is deleted, they only become unavailable.)

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