1.) Q: What Is An Ambassador?

A: "WeeWorld Ambassadors are exceptional WeeMees who are smart, responsible, and respectful of others. They are there to guide the community and offer support from their own experiences of using the site, making friends, and getting help on WeeWorld. They are also there to report inappropriate behavior from WeeMees who break the code of conduct or put themselves at risk by giving out information. The WeeWorld team will give reports from the Ambassadors a high priority and make sure they are dealt with quickly. You will be able to recognize Ambassadors by their exclusive WeeWorld badge."

2.) Q: Can Ambassadors get gold points for anyone?

A: No, points cannot be transferred between accounts, anyway. If you would like points, here's a tutorial on how to make the most when it comes to earning points.

3.) Q: Do Ambassadors Get Paid?

A: Well, yes, but not with real money. They occasionally receive green points, and an Ambassador shirt,along with the Globe behind their WeeMee. Ambassadors used to be able to receive an "Asset", which was a customized item that they could request. Unfortunately, WeeWorld no longer provides Assets to Ambassadors.

4.) Q: Do Ambassadors work for WeeWorld?

A: No, they are simply normal users who have a Globe.

5.) Q: Do I have to have a validated email to be an Ambassador?

A: Yes, it is necessary. But, with on a few occasions where Ambassador candidates haven't had a valid one, WeeWorld has sent the ambassador email to another one.

6.) Q: How come I can't see WeeworldAmbassador's page?

A: Once you are an Ambassador, you will be invited to be his "friend", after which you may view his page.

7.) Q: How Long Does It Take To Become An Ambassador?

A: It depends on you, to an extent, for example, how helpful you are over a period of time. Also, however long it takes for Jake to notice you.

8.) Q: How many Ambassadors are there?

A: 40+, Jake's goal is 50, although this is just a checkpoint. There will be more than 50 Ambassadors. For a list of all the Ambassadors, look here.

9.) Q: How Do I Become An Ambassador?

A: All you have to do is be a good Weemee! If Jake finds you and discovers your acts of kindness, he may allow you to become one. This does not mean to advertise yourself in the forums! If it is clear that you are trying to become an Ambassador, it can decrease your chances of being picked.

10.) Q: In order to be chosen as an Ambassador, do I have to use forums?

A: No, you do not. It may improve your chances though, as your helpfulness will be that much more more evident.

11.) Q: Will I have a better chance of becoming an ambassador if one suggests me?

A: No, unless you honestly are exceptional and helpful, and they will suggest you on their own accord.

12.) Q: Where did you get the Globe/How do you have the Globe? Can you take it off? Was it free? Is it in your closet?

A: You get the globe, free, when you become an Ambassador, but it does not go into your closet, and can only be removed by Windows Live Export or resetting your Weemee, after which you will have to make a request to get it back again.

13.) Q: Why Do We Have Ambassadors?

A: There's a lot of controversy over this. Most people will tell you that they're there to keep the website safe and fun for everyone. They're WeeWorld's way of countering bullying.

14.) Q: Who was the first Ambassador?

A: The first Ambassador, other than Jake, was Jimmygramaj0. (He has since changed his username to Jimmy0408.)

15.) Q: Is it true that Ambassadors need to take a quiz before becoming an Ambassador? Is it difficult?

A: Yes, once a potential Ambassador is selected  by Jake, he sends them a message and a friend request. Once you are friends with Jake, you can access his room. In his room, there is a link to the Ambassador Quiz. The quiz can be found here. The quiz in the link is the actual quiz, so don't fill it out!

16.) Q: Who is AskAmbassador?

A: AskAmbassador is an account that is run by the entire Ambassador team, but only a few Ambassadors get to use it at a time. It has a black-and-white globe to signify that it is not a normal Ambassador account. Feel free to ask it any questions you may have!

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