Becoming an Ambassador requires lots of work and effort. It is quite a challenge, but if you follow these steps, you might just have a chance.

Difficulty: 8/10

By: Kyle (KTower10)

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 <a href="">How to Become An Ambassador</a>  

1) Learn everything you can about WeeWorld. You need to know virtually everything about the site in order to help people with a wide variety of questions. Surf the site and soak it all in.

2) Let people know that you are ready to help by posting it in your small bubble. If people come to you and ask for help, give them a good, detailed answer to whatever question they have. Stay positive and make them feel comfortable by using smiley faces or something like that.

3) Time to check out Forums! Go to and click on 'Ask WeeWorld & the Ambassadors'. Start looking at some questions and the answers. Try your best to learn from what the experienced posters are saying. Notice how it's best not to reply to spam (repeated posts or posts that are irrelevant to that Forum) and that it's not good to answer a question that has more than 2 or 3 replies.

4) Once you've learned everything about the Forums, you should start posting answers. Remember these things while posting in Forums:

- Think before you post
- Do not reply to spam posts
- Keep your posts relevant and helpful
- Be nice to the others participating in Forums
- Feel free to ask questions, as well!

5) Keep helping in both Forums and on your page until your reputation as a helper goes up.

6 [Optional]) Go patrolling in World. In case you don't know what this means, I'll give you a quick description. When you're in World, you should look for new WeeMees. You can tell they're new by clicking them and looking at when they joined. Be very friendly to them and welcome them. Also, if you want to, you should look for gangs. Gangs are groups of people that are strictly against WeeWorld rules. If you hear anyone say "cripz" or "bloodz", you should first ask them if they're in a gang. If they are breaking the rules, you need to report them immediately. If you're going to patrol specifically to look for gangs, you should invite a few Ambassadors to come with you. You know what they say, there's safety in numbers.


"How do I know when I've become an Ambassador?"

~You know that you've become an Ambassador when you get a message from a WeeMee called WeeWorldAmbassador, along with a message asking you to learn more about becoming an Ambassador. Jake (WeeWorldAmbassador) will ask you to take a quiz that will make sure you're Ambassador material.

"When will I become an Ambassador?"

~You shouldn't ask when you will become an Ambassador, you should ask if you'll become an Ambassador. Jake chooses new Ambassadors every few weeks, and it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to more than a year to become an Ambassador.

"When is Jake going to stop picking Ambassadors?"

~Jake's goal was 50, but now he has already met that goal. He will now be picking less frequently. As of now, he is not going to stop picking Ambassadors.

"Do Ambassadors get paid?"

~Well, not with real money. They do occasionally receive green points for their efforts.

"Do Ambassadors work for WeeWorld?"

~No. They're just regular, everyday people like you and me.

If you become an Ambassador, you need to continue doing the great work that got you your job! Good luck!

For more information, check out our List Of Ambassadors, and if you still have more questions, check out more Ambassador FAQs.

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