This article will explain how to sign up for WeeWorld.

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By: Squidy (Explosivesquid)

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 <a href="">How to Sign Up For a WeeWorld Account</a>   

  1) Go to There will be a big read button labeled "Sign Up!", click it.

 2) The "Create A Weemee" screen will appear. Fill out the options how you would like.

When you're ready, and you've selected what you would like, click "Get Dressed Now!".

 3) You may now dress up your Weemee, and choose other characteristics. These can be changed later if you don't like them, or don't have time to do it right now.

In the first tab, labeled "Features", you may change your hair style, facial expression, Belly shape, and breast size (if you're female).

The second tab is labeled "Clothes". Here, you may dress up your Weemee with Tops (shirts), Bottoms (pants), Footwear (shoes), Headwear (Hats), and Eyewear (Glasses).

The last tab, labeled "More Stuff", contains extra accessories for your Weemee, such as pets.

Later on, you can access the shop for even more fashion choices!

When you're ready, click "Save Me Now!".

 4) A form will appear. Fill it out.

1) Choose a username. You cannot use a username if someone else is using it. You cannot change your username after it is set.

2) Choose a password. Remember to keep your password safe, don't give it out to people, or they can hack into your account. Try to make it a somewhat hard password, so people don't guess it.

3) Enter your email address. I would suggest using a valid one, as you get 500 green points if you do so! Points are very useful in WeeWorld.

4) Select your birthdate. This is self-explanatory. You must be 13 or older to join WeeWorld.

5) Select your country. This helps Weeworld show you applicable ads and surveys when you fill them out for gold points.

When you're done, click "Register Now!"


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